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Dans Air offer air con specialist services for classic cars, performance sports cars & collectors cars , our mobile service offers mobile repair and regas services around Nuneaton subject to availability , West Midlands and surrounding counties.


Tel: 07946 240 968  200 Laburnum Ave, Birmingham B37 6AN
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Mobile Air Conditioning  Fault finding - Diagnostics - Repair - Regas - Install - Service - Leak detection


Car Air Conditioning : Classic Cars, Modern cars, Sports cars from USA

Porsche Specialist Air Conditioning services

Mercedes Specialist Air Conditioning services including classics W124 R129 W140 W201 C123

Mercedes W124 C124 air conditioning not working issues resolved



Above: Regas air con system for Lambhorghini Countach


usa cars air con regas dodge charger srt west midlands birmingham 

USA import - Dodge Challenger SRT air con regas and leak repair



air con compressor fault change birmingham by dans air

Above: Porsche 996  air con system recharge and fault finding


Below : Performance car show room onsite air con regassing & fault finding

car air conditioning leak repair services birmingham west midlands

On site Range Rover and Porsche air con regas by Dan's Air 


Below: Porsche specialist air con regas and servicing

dans air porsche air con repair and regas services birmingham 

Porsche 911 997 air con regas services by Dan's Air Nuneaton W. Midlands

Below : Classic Porsche 911

porsche air conditioning regas and repair services west midlands 

Above: 911 Porsche Air Con regas services available in West Midlands


Below: Fitting AC to a non AC car back in 2003 911 GT3

porsche 911 gt3 air conditioning install 

Above: Porsche 911 GT3 2003 fitting AC to a non AC car in 2003 whilst working at Alpinair


Below: Fitting GT3 air con system whilst working at Alpinair

porsche specialist air con fitting by dan alpinair 


Below: Porsche GT3 full dashboard strip down and removal  

retrofit air conditioning to porsche gt3 996


Below: 2003 workshop photos  - Porsche coming for air conditioning retrofit at my previous employers Alpinair - the times when AC and electric windows were optional extras for many cars.

porsche specialist air con fitters birmingham


Photo below: Dan at Alpinair fitting AC to the Porsche GT3  in 2003

porsche 996 gt3 air con fitting install



Mercedes Specialist air conditioning fitters and fault finding 


Below: Some workshop photos of the classic Mercedes  i worked on during my time at Alpinair

Mercedes W140 , C123 coupe W124 C124 R129.

mercedes w124 convertible air con install

Mercedes C124 W124 cabriolet air conditioning fitting

Other services include fault finding, diagnose wiring issues , compressor and condensor issues.

w124 air con fitting uk



W124 C124 300CE coupe air con regas and repair 



mercedes w124 air con regas



w124 cabriolet air con fitted


Dan's Air Con mobile air con services are available throughout the W. Midlands and surrounding counties, please get in touch to see if we cover your area.


air con  fault finding west midlands birmingham 


Dans Air Con is independently owned and run . All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or other service provider. For London Air Conditioning services please contact Alpinair direct at


How much is an air conditioning recharge £££?

The price you purchase a regas for depends on several factors.

1. the kind of gas your car takes 2. the quantity of gas required 3. For call out service - your post code and distance from us, if we are coming to you.

Types of gases: - The overwhelming majority of UK cars use one among two varieties of refrigerant - R134A and R1234YF. If your air con system requires R134A gas,  the price to recharge starts from £60. For vehicles that need the R1234YF gas price starts from £80


How would i do know which sort of air  con gas I require?

R134A gas is most  common in vehicles manufactured before 2014. All vehicles with AC manufactured after 1st January 2017 would use the newer R1234YF gas.. After 2017 all manufacturers switched from the older R134A aircon gas to supposedly reduce warming because the old gas was thought to be more enviromentally damaging. The new R1234YF gas was phased into use  by vehicle manufacturers between 2014 and 2016 , meaning some cars from this era could be using either of the 2 types. To  know which sort of air-con gas your car needs get in touch with us. Although you will be able to see a sticker under the bonnet to spot it.


Does my air conditioning need recharging?

Manufacturers recommend that your  AC  is recharged every 2 years.This check is not  part of the ng a normal oil service schedule  either. Its worth booking this in on a bi-annual basis to ensure  that you keep your air con properly maintained.


If your air conditioning is blowing out warm air or only works intermittently,it could just be a case that a regas/ recharge will bring it back to life. Some drivers may only notice this on the warmest of days. Occasionaly you will notice unpleasant smells coming from the air vents , this might be bacteria that has built up - which may also need attention


More about your AC system-

Air conditioning doesn’t just provide summer comfort, it may be utilized in the Winter to demist your windscreen. you'll have noticed a quick Demist button on some BMWs, Mercedes and Audis that have a rapid clear windscreen function. This activates the AC and absorbs  the moisture , helping to clear the screen alot faster.


Recharge AC Service from Dan's Air Con Specialist AC Services

Our recharge service is  simple and involves removing the refrigerant gas and oil from your aircon system before replacing this with the proper amount of refrigerant and lubricant as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. We also perform a vacuum test to confirm that there are not any cracks or damage to your vehicle air-con system that would cause the new gas to get out straight after filling.


Within an hour the full recharge process is usually completed and you may once again enjoy  the pleasure of experiencing cool or cold air on demand. Vehicle air conditioners that aren't recharged regularly are less effective and need to work harder to supply cool air. This puts higher usage demand  on the engine and uses more fuel. If your air con system has not been recharged within the past two years it'll dramatically reduce efficiency.


Recharge - Regas Services

Let Dan's Air recharge your air conditioning while you wait, we are going to replace and recharge the lubricant and refrigerant levels in line together with your manufacturer’s recommendation.


Air Conditioning Cleaning & Freshening

If there are any bad odours coming from your air vents when you use your AC it could mean that bacteria has built up in the pipes. We can offer a deep clean service to get rid of this problem for you.

Please ask.